Welcome to Astronomo.space

If you have ‘landed’ your Space Ship here,
it probably means you either are an Amateur Astronomer or wish to become one.

Either way, you are very welcome!

What is a scientist?
A scientist is someone who systematically gathers and uses research and evidence, to make hypotheses and test them, to gain and share understanding and knowledge.
Note: the ‘share’ these days is far less, as most of the time they ask for money!
Those that actually declare to do ‘outreach’ are mostly doing it for free – so, find them first!

I have been off Astronomy since summer 2023 and will be for sometime
I am trying to sort out life out and then hopefully back to it in a ‘more organised’ but sporadic manner – not full time and  only when I have a decent site and setup.
In the meantime my main hobby is ‘back into music’ – self-training
🎸 🎶  🎹  – Daw (I currently use Bitwig 5 Studio)
Music is here to stay, having missed opportunity to be in it and eventually do it professionally decades ago!

What this website is about: FACTS !

What I do as an Amateur Astronomer – which I have ‘partially’ resumed in the last few years – is due to Sky at Night and Lunar Mission One (which I gave £. 60 and got NOTHING  in return!) 🤣🤣
This website is about amateur astronomy, love for astronomy, planets, satellites, moons, suns, stars, universe or universes, galaxies, asteroids, Öpik-öpik oort cloud, belt, missions, space, aliens, comets, discoveries, knowledge, solar system, voyages and so on.

In simple words, since I was 9 years old, I wanted to understand what we are and were we are. I now know how insignificant we are!

If you have a non-profit astronomy and space website, please let us know.

We can add your website link if you reciprocate and we will both spread practical science.

If you have a good practical experience, please share it with us – any helping tips may be published on our website – also a new page may be added, if the need arises.

Yes, I do love Science Fiction – the one that actually uses a LOT of Facts – Science or futuristic Science.