… Astronomy and Space Interest …


My passion for science started thanks to the 1969 Apollo 11 landing (I was in Primary school).

Astronomy in particular followed straight away, thanks to my teacher and the far clearer skies!
She gave me the solar system atlas as a present for my Christening – I was 10 years old (do your accounts).

Always watching the sky and bumping on light street poles! I also do believe in the possibility of other intelligent beings living in other parts of the universe (the one we know, well I have my own theory since 1975 and I agree with Hawking’s pointed universe theory). We only are a small sand grain in a ocean.

Please E-mail me for or with any information or just to help me build a better site (i.e. change of colours, new subjects, pictures, errors etc.).
Your invaluable feedback will be very much appreciated.
Most of all, let me know if you wish to add your Society, group or even 2 people’s club – anybody which associates with astronomy and space science.

By the way this site was just redesigned, so I am updating it as soon as I have some spare time. I am not a computer guru, but I am an advanced user.
I am obviously also an amateur astronomer and I do like space and general science (medicine, technology, ancient civilisations, etc.).

I used to have only binoculars and then a Meade LX10 – 8″, sold in 1998 to purchase a new PC – necessity.
At present I own a SKYLINER-250PX 254mm (10”) f/1200 Dobsonian, (a dog, good neighbours and a good alarm system!) which I have fit with an EQ6 equatorial mount with motor drivers, then – when possible – I will upgrade the drivers kit with the Synta go-to, which will give better reliability and stability and a electrical focuser.

The binoculars are a standard Super Zenith 10×50 – wide angle – field 7° and the CCD cam is a Philips PCVC740K webcam with a 25mm nosepiece adapter. I use old Laptop to do image acquisition, but I rework images with a much more powerful Laptop.

I used to be a SPA (Society for Popular Astronomy) member since 1996 (if I remember well !) and a SAS (Sunderland Astronomical Society) member since December 2003 fro about 1 year and I was the webmaster of the Sunderland Astronomical Society’s website for a short while then I happily left!

After years of being the webmaster of the SAS (until 2008 I believe) and not being listened after asking several times the officers of the SAS for updating and upgrading and modernising the website – I was asked to leave the post, I happily and ‘swiftly’ accepted (!) and freed my time and concentrated on my own websites and business, mainly on Servicing / Data Recovery and Virus, Trojan and other threats removal – Apple Windows Laptop iPads screen replacement – well I am I do my best and I do not own a Cow-boy hat.

Now I am trying to get back to Amatorial Astronomy, having not had the time and I currently am a Sponsor/Supporter for The Lunar Mission One and future missions.

Please support this mission, as it is very important to ‘move’ from Apollo and go forward, when no one has gone before ta-ta-ra-ta-ta-ra-ta-ta-ra-ta-ta-ra-taaa – as someone used to say!

Good for the kids = the adults of the future.


In the end I mix Electronics Computing Astronomy (and music too!)

..to be continued!