Lunar Mission One – Rant page!

After they (a Tory was at the helm at the time) have taken our money ££, all went dead  – at least NOT what I call working on it, wasted our cash.
Everybody disappeared – especially the person that started it – GONE, including Prof Brian Cox… at the time using his ‘followers’ to advertise this huge FLOP  – not blaming him, but he was part of the advertisement in the sense of getting people into it.

Welcome to the new Century, where all what it seems it is NOT what it is – too much money in precarious hands!

Can I have my HARD Earned cash back to pay for Energy Bills?

Little note:
YouTube has taken over now … you know what I mean … $$$$££££ – do you OWN work on where and what to spend your had earned cash into Astronomy Gear, 90% of it is unnecessary and you will waste a lot of money. Get a gull lit straight away with a 80mm telescope and start from there. It will last years while you also learn.

We THOUGHT we did it and I am sure ‘they’ will say: thanks to our effort we are now really doing it! £. 600,000 to do that?

Artemis has been going on since 25 years go under different names and scientists!
The difference now is, we have the technology and ‘Private’ Companies cash – so they can take over the Universe too.

So, we are back to: Egoism and Egocentrism once again (see YouTube videos).

The end of the Human race has just started, Stephen William Hawking was right – by 2100, if humans do not move from Earth, Human race will be extinct or on its way to it.

Climate change … Earth is a lump in the Universe, Climate can change hugely in a moment, never mind our pollution … follow The Sun – has our Sun started its way down?


Lunar Mission One Official Site
The people’s project – well, just about!

LunarMissionOne –  twitter (dead)

WE… have done it! Yeah right!
We have Given a start to this wonderful project & given Humans a Future – Now lets see how ‘Public’ it will become and really involve Common People and not just Lecture them and Schools!
I am a fan, but lets see it brought back to the People and be less Political and more scientific and let people in from the Front door, not the back door!



Well, we finally are going to get back to the Moon and this time more seriously than the old ‘Political Race whom’s first’ type of thing, which undoubtedly brought back a lot of Science, prompted other type of Space Exploration and created The Apollo’s Children – like me!

The Rosetta’s Team will be involved in this – see what the EU together with the US/Russian etc. have done!

Human Record will be left ‘in’ the Moon and could last 1 Billion years (Sun permitting!)

This is a world Project for ALL of us – Human Beings!

I wonder if this project would bring Humans Together!

The following is a sum-up with main links to the Lunar Mission One Official Website ;p)





Welcome to Lunar Mission One



What is Lunar Mission One?
An Introduction by Prof. Brian Cox




Lunar Mission One Announcement
Live Recording (Fast Forward to 1:22 as there is a long logo intro and ends at around 31 minute)




Fund a mission to the moon on Kickstarter